The latest-generation ceramic laser printer А4-430

ceramic laser printer А4-430

Progress goes forward and finally we have good news: at the end of 2010 year “The Center of Photoceramic Technologies” brought to the market the latest-generation ceramic laser printer: the А4-430.

This photoceramic laser printer is essentially different from the previous A4 model in the following ways: it has a wider range of control of the density of the image and the saturation of colors; it has a more modern processor and more built-in memory, which increases the speed of the printing; it uses a wider range decal papers of different dimensions, allowing you to print an image in length up to 1200 mm (47 inches).

The A4 model is a time-tested photoceramic printer with a track record of reliability. It has proven itself as a sturdy industrial printer for high-quality photoceramics.

The results produced with this ceramic laser printer have high photographic quality, with available resolution of 1200×1200 dpi, and also have brilliant and intense colors. Today this photoceramic laser printer surpasses all known models in image quality. The main advantage of A4 model is a surprisingly low price tag compared to other printers in its class.

Applications of this model include producing pictures on a ceramic tile (phototile), drawing of logotypes and images on ceramic ware, photos on monuments (ceremonial photoceramics) and also printing of images on any ceramic product, allowing you to make truly unique products.

This model is easy-to-use and won’t require service for a long time due to its industrial design. “The Center of Photoceramic Technologies” is able, thanks to a branched out network, to provide technical support and consultation to clients at every spot on the globe.