Stone etching machine MIRTELS

The stone etching machine MIRTELS is designed for engraving granite. Using the MIRTELS impact engraving machine, you can engrave images and text on a gravestone or on any granite slabs.

The machine has a high quality engraving, reliable construction and modern electronics.

You can install the machine on a table, on legs or directly on a stone.

Engraving speed is very high. The engraving time of an image measuring 20×30 cm takes 40 minutes.

The machine has a system for monitoring the unevenness of the surface of the stone.

Stone etching machines MIRTELS differ in size of the working area. The machine MIRTELS T5060 has the size of the working area 50x60cm, MIRTELS T60120 — 60x120cm, MIRTELS T90170 — 90x170cm.

Сharacteristic irtels Т5060 Mirtels Т60120 Mirtels Т60120
Engraving area, mm 500×600 600×1200 900×1700
Way of engraving Impact Impact Impact
Depth of engraving, mm 0,1-0,5 0,1-0,5 0,1-0,5
Supply voltage, V 220 220 220
Autonomous work SDHC-card SDHC-card SDHC-card
Driver Win7, Win8, Win10 Win7, Win8, Win10 Win7, Win8, Win10
Guarantee 1 year 1 year 1 year

For engraving of images the format BMP is used.

Consumable material is a needle with a diamond tip. After a certain time, you need to replace the needle. It is very easy to replace the needle yourself. One needle can be used for engraving 10-15 images with a size of 20x30cm.

You can start headstone engraving after the purchase of the machine. The equipment does not require additional configuration.

Engraving method — impact etching use diamond engraving needle.

Depth of granite engraving — 0,1-0,5 mm.

Stone etching machine MIRTELS is often used for tombstone engraving, pet memorials, monuments engraving, etc.

Impact etching of granite have much more better quality than laser etching, because depth is much more and brightness is much higher.

You yourself can start granite engraving after buying a MIRTELS machine, because there is an instruction in the kit with the machine.

If you have a questions about how to etch granite or how to buy stone etching machine MIRTELS you can contact us (E-mail, Telephone, Skype or other method).