The Center of Photoceramic Technologies

The Center of Photoceramic Technologies sells a wide array of equipment for photo reproduction on ceramic surfaces, along with providing supplies and service.
On this web site we analyze various photoceramic equipment and review technologies for putting photos on ceramics, their cost effectiveness and their practical application. The latest technology in digital photoceramic printing offers more exciting possibilities than ever before.

To keep the price for the equipment (e.g., the printer for digital decals, the printer for photoceramics) as economical as possible and to make the equipment and supplies for photoceramics available, we collected and organized the information about photoceramics in one place — this resource named

This site contains information about the equipment and techniques for the following applications:

  • Printing on ceramic tile for pictures in pools or baths
  • Drawing durable facsimiles on pottery (souvenirs, cups, mugs, plates, etc.)
  • Creating ceremonial photoceramics (photos on monuments, tablets, ovals and ceramic-metal)
  • Drawing images on products made from glass, etc.

Photoceramics is our favorite business and we are pleased to share our experience and knowledge with you, so that your ceramic printer will serve you for a long time and bring you maximum returns.
The Center offers equipment, service, consultation and delivery in any region — the total package for your success!

Photoceramics is not only a profitable business, but also a potential field for creativity. Good luck in realizing your dreams!

Team of “The Center of Photoceramic Technologies”