Questions and Answers

Questions on the color laser decal printing

Question: How much toner does the equipment use?

Answer: About 0.6-0.8 grams are used at normal density. At the maximum density, about 1 gram is used.

Question: What is the cost price of one decal sheet?

Answer: The cost price of A4 sheet is about 1 dollar.

Question: Do you have toner especially for Ricoh devices?

Answer: Yes, we have a wonderful toner for these copiers.

Question: Do you have a toner especially for Canon CLC 11xx series photocopier?

Answer: Yes, we have a wonderful toner for these copiers.

Question: Would an image on a tile, produced by a laser technology with ceramic toner, fade out due to exposure to sunlight? Would the image be waterproof?

Answer: Ceramic toner does not fade under the influence of sunlight, and as long as you fired the product in a muffle furnace, the image is waterproof.

Question: Is it possible to produce bright red colors using your ceramic toners and your equipment?

Answer: Our paints and equipment can produce bright red colors.

Question: Is it possible to get a complete decal printing system on a turn-key basis with expert help and setup?

Answer: Yes, of course! And usually expert attendance and settings is carried out free of charge.

Questions on ink jet technology

Question: What is the cost price of printing an image on an oval 13×18 cm
(5×7 inches)?

Answer: About 20 cents.

Question: Will an image on an oval, made with jet technology, fade out?

Answer: Provided that you use overglazed paints and fire the product in a muffle furnace the resulting image will be highly durable, lasting about 50 years on average.

Question: Will the printer head be damaged by using adhesive (sticky) ink?

Answer: Adhesive ink is specially developed for the printing on the jet printer and the head from them isn't damaged.

Question: When printing with your adhesive ink, are image stripes visible?

Answer: There is no striping effect with our ink. We carry adhesive ink for printing with LEXMARK, HP, CANON and EPSON printers.

General Questions:

Question: Which equipment you will advise for color photoceramic manufacturing on ovals and tablets on monuments, jet or laser technology?

Answer: Both technologies produce high quality results. The choice depends on the daily amount of work you have. If you will be making 100 pieces or less, you might consider using jet technology on the jet printer with a coordinate table. If you will be making over 100 pieces per day, then laser technology will be more economical for you.

Question: Is it difficult to learn how to use jet or laser technology?

Answer: It’s very simple, and you don't need any special skills. The main thing is to be able to learn a few basics on using Photoshop, a software application for working with images. Other training and information is supplied.

Question: Is your equipment is durable?

Answer: Almost all our equipment is industrial grade for high volume work. Also our equipment can be easily repaired at home. The equipment is highly modular, in that it is possible to swap out individual components. These components are always available at our office, or we can send them to you at any moment. Thus there is no necessity to transport our equipment in the service center; it is possible to replace this or that component independently.