Color Ceramic Laser Printer A3

Color Ceramic Laser Printer A3

Color Ceramic Laser Printer A3

A3 specially designed for using ceramic toners.

It can be used to create a high quality color decal.

Decals printed from this device have many applications, such as picture creation on a ceramic tile, for ware decoration (cups, mugs, vases, plates, etc.), for products decoration from glass (ware, stained-glass windows, etc.), for ceremonial photoceramics – a photo on the enameled and ceramic ovals, tablets, ceramic granite.

For technology is necessary to have printer and muffle furnace (to 850 degrees Celsius).

Max. paper size 297 mm х 1650 mm (11.7 x 65.0 inches)
Printer resolution 1200 х 1200 dpi
Interface через USB or LAN
Printer capacity 220 Volt, 1.4 kW — printing, 6 W – in Standby mode
Printer driver Win XP, Win-7, Vista, Mac
Overall dimensions 670 x 670 x 640 mm (26.4 x 26.4 x 25.2 inches)
Weight 97 kg (214 lbs)

Complete set

Ceramic printer

Toner – 250 gram ×4 (prints approximately 800 sheets A4)
Decal paper of 50 sheets 50×70 cm (19.7×27.6 inches)
Decal varnish – 2 kg
Compressor and airbrush or grid and squeegee blade (for client choice).

To print an image on a ceramic surface, use these steps:

  1. Print the image on a sheet
  2. Fasten the image by a varnish by one of three methods: squeegee blade, dispersion or lamination
  3. Soak the sheet in water
  4. Transfer the image by placing the sheet on a product
  5. Dry the product
  6. Fire the product in a muffle furnace