Ceramic toner for laser printers and copiers

Ceramic toner – the special powder intended in a combination to the developer (an additive to a toner) for printing on decal paper.
Ceramic toner application is photoceramics, ceramic decorations, porcelain, faience, glass, etc. materials.

Types of toners:
Magenta group:
Classic (850-860 degrees Celsius, 1562—1580 degrees F)
Photo (840 degrees Celsius, 1544 degrees F)

Selenium group:
Classic (780-810 degrees Celsius, 1436—1490 degrees F)
Glass (590 degrees Celsius, 1094 degrees F)

Minimum packing from 100 grams

Ceramic toner is used in special color laser printers for decal printing. Laser printers are part of the decal printing system. Laser decal is able to reproduce images having high quality and contrast. There are various types of ceramic toner specializing in putting high-quality photos on pottery, enamel, monuments, glass, ceramic granite and also any digital decal for souvenirs. The image produced by a ceramic toner is waterproof, wear-proof and is suitable for outside use under the influence of ultraviolet light. Images produced by a ceramic toner have the highest quality among all types of photoceramic printers.